Robin VanHoozer has experience as being both artist and art educator.  After thirty-one years as both art teacher and artist, Robin retired from teaching in 2013 to make her artistic work her full time career. Robin finds the link between the reality of the outside world and the inner being. This ability to connect daring vision and spontaneous imagination is displayed in her work. Residing in St. Joseph, Missouri and raised with a background rich in history and nature in, her work displays a love of dynamic movement and vivid color. Robin is an artist who works with encaustic paint, an ancient medium, with contemporary style. Encaustic paint is beeswax, pigment, and resin, and is heated until it is molten during the painting process. She frequently incorporates linen thread in her work, pouring wax onto the surface of the painting and fusing the layers with a torch.  


Robin received her MA in Studio Art /Painting from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She is a 2017 Kansas City Artist INC Advance alum. Robin has exhibited locally throughout the Midwest as well as nationally in Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, and Washington, DC. Weinberger Fine Art in Kansas City, Missouri represents Robin. Recently Robin’s Echoes Through Time installation was the subject of a 2300 square foot solo exhibition at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph, Missouri.