Cross Lands 1 - 4

Making Color Connections This group of four encaustic paintings titled Cross Lands 1 - 4 (24 in. x 24 in.) explores relationships between colors.  Cross Lands is part of my continuing Common Ground series.  Soon after starting this series I realized this was as much about diplomacy as painting.  Diplomacy took the form of painterly negotiations.  Seen separately they appear abstract, when the four pieces are shown together the hues coexist to suggest land and river forms seen from above.  Every space where the colors meet creates a boundary.  These boundaries create tension and strength.  During my painterly negotiations balance was found in viewing each painting as part of one entity.

Urban/Suburban Opening

Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary ArtEpsten Gallery/Museum Without Walls 5500 West 123rd Street Overland Park, Kansas Curated by Marcus Cain

Pieces Chosen by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

In April of 2005 two oil pastel drawings Twist and Wave Pachinko and Easy Perm Pachinko were chosen to be on the ABC television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  The designer placed the drawings in the Roller Coaster bedroom of the Makeover house in Raytown, MO.   The design of the drawings was based on antique pachinko game machines.

Daring Dive Chosen by Senator Claire McCaskill

Through the Kansas City Business Council for the Arts, Senator Claire McCaskill has selected the painting Daring Dive to be displayed in her Senate office in Washington, D.C.  Along with work from two other Missouri artists the painting will be on loan for 2009.  Daring Dive is an encaustic painting that combines geometric and figurative elements.

Radioactive Day at the Albrecht Kemper

Radioactive Day is an installation piece displayed at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in 2007.  The installation is comprised of three sections of twenty-four pieces of work.  Each section represents one “day” and each piece one “hour”.  Different media was used for each “day”.   The first “day” is oil pastel on BFK paper.  The second “day” is encaustic on panel.  The third “day” is three-dimensional Plexiglas pieces with encaustic paint.   The process that I used in repeating each “day” in a different media was an important concern in this installation.

EmpowerU Building/Heartland Foundation

The Heartland Foundation for the new EmpowerU building purchased selections of pieces from the Radioactive Day Installation when it opened in 2007.  They are on permanent display in the building.